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Four ways of beating the January blues

Let’s make 2020 the best year yet and not only that, let’s tackle the January Blues together. Here are a few ideas to tackle the year ahead:

Spend time outdoors

One of the main causes of January Blues is a lack of Vitamin D. Making the most of natural daylight can really help during this time of year. Why not set a goal to go for a walk on your lunch break or at weekends set an hour aside to get outside? You will feel better, trust me!

Sweat it out

Isn’t everyone the same after a long day at work – all you want to do is curl up on the sofa and wrap up warm. Why not instead head to the gym or a yoga class. It is proven that exercise can help not only your physical health but mental health too.

Gey hygge with it

Hygge is a term used to promote the Danish way of life! It involves creating a cosy atmosphere at home and enjoying the simple pleasures life has to offer.

January sales are a great opportunity to purchase some new candles and extra snuggly blankets. Coming home to an extra cosy house after that walk or yoga class will cheer you up on those long winter days.

Laughter is the best medicine

Laughter is a natural remedy for those miserable days. It releases endorphins which make you feel happier. So put on your favourite comedy and sit back relax and laugh yourself silly!

Let us know how you beat the January blues on Facebook!

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