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8 things you can do to keep positive

Wake up each morning and be grateful

The first ten minutes of your morning dictates your whole day! It is important to make these first few minutes positive.

Write a list of all the things that make you feel grateful such as your friends, family or job. Be grateful for another day and maybe even set a goal for what you want to achieve today, no matter how big or small.


Be productive and even create a to-do list! The more things you busy yourself with the less time you have to think about negative things.

As long as your mind and body are busy, it will keep you away from all the negative thoughts that may ruin your life.

Make time for people who matter

Make time for the people that matter to you! Even if you cannot see these people all the time, make sure you call the people that matter to you.

Making time for these people whether doing something as simple as having a phone conversation will automatically change your mood and make you feel positive.

Do things that make you feel alive

Living is not just surviving, remember that! You have to make time to do things that make you happy. Whether that’s indulging in your favourite dessert, talking to your friends, spending time watching your favourite TV show.

Be alive – that is solely your responsibility to yourself.

Have faith in yourself

One person cannot do everything but that one person can do something! Have faith in yourself; believe that you can do that one task that may be sitting on your to-do list that you just really do not want to do or maybe it is a new hobby you have been scared to start in case you’re not very good at it.

Don’t waste chances to try something new just because someone may doubt you! Have faith that you can achieve things and if it isn’t today maybe try again tomorrow.

Courage and enthusiasm

Having faith isn’t always enough – make sure you show courage and enthusiasm too in whatever you do! Whatever adventure or task you need to endure make sure you take courage and enthusiasm with you, be brave and eager to do it.

That is the key that will give you sufficient strength and get through any trouble that may already be here or coming your way.

Take chances

Make sure to take every chance and opportunity that comes your way! People do not always get the chance they need when they want to accomplish something in life.

So if you get the slightest opportunity make sure to put everything you have got into it, take the chance whilst it is present in your life.

Be mindful

It is important to get out of your way! The way life is at the moment it is so hard to not come across things on social media that can change your mood and mindset to a negative one.

Mindfulness is rooted in awareness being aware of what you look at that can make you feel negative. It is important to separate yourself from your own thoughts and realize the things that make you feel negative and stay away from them.

Only spend time doing things that increase your positivity and don’t suppress it.

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