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Haven’t we all been to the annual company work Christmas snoozefest?

That so-called ‘Christmas do’ where you make an excuse to only stay for a little while due to family commitments and sneak off at your earliest convenience.

If you run a business and this is how your annual Christmas party looks, there’s plenty of ways you can transform your party night into something your colleagues won’t forget.

Five ways of throwing a unique work Christmas party

Here are five great ideas to make that work Christmas party not only unusual but one you can brag to friends about for years to come.

  1. Red carpet treatment

Okay, so yes – every company has a budget and maybe that doesn’t cover a five-star ballroom with embroidered gold champagne flutes and dotted chandeliers around the room but you can still make any venue special by adding simple but effective décor.

First impressions are important! You can rent a red carpet and place that at the entrance of the venue and then hire a photographer who can capture your guests’ photos upon arrival.

  1. Giveaways and raffles

How can you stop people from dining and dashing? Simple. Offer some great prizes in a raffle or staff rewards, and that way they will want to stay for the whole Christmas party.

Make sure the prizes are worth the wait such as sporting event tickets or gift vouchers – you can even share sneak peaks of what the prizes are at the start of the night to keep people engaged.

  1. Photo booths

Another great way to make your night even more fun, photo booths are a great option. Purchase some silly accessories such as moustaches, glasses and beards (the sillier the better), hire that photo booth and keep guests entertained! This can make even the simplest party entertaining.

  1. Masquerade party

Dress-up parties are always a great way to make any party fun and exciting. Get creative with a party theme and find relevant décor for the venue to make it come to life.

There are so many great ideas you could play with and you can even do a suggestion box for employees to make them feel more involved months before the party takes place.

  1. An awards ceremony

After the welcome drinks and meal, why not choose some awards for your employers such as ‘team member of the year’, and some more fun awards such as ‘team member with the best smile’.

This will help employees feel more valued, more passionate about their job and the better they feel working for the company the better the company does!

6. Treasure Hunt – By Kate Turner (winner of our Christmas competition!)

“Have some kind of treasure hunt; the organiser draws up a list of things to find, and the individuals or teams have to find and snap a photo (so no “borrowing” or moving things!) of the items on the list by the end of the party.

You could ask for unusual interpretations of the things on the list or go straightforward depending on the people and amount of drink involved! It breaks the ice with groups and keeps people engaged, without people having to perform or go to the expense of fancy dress etc.”

Still looking for your ideal Christmas party venue? Get in touch with our events team at events@hileicester.com to find out how we can plan an unforgettable party your colleagues will love!

Don’t forget to download our Christmas brochure if you need to book your party or event!

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